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 Dance ~ Mrs. Hastings


The dance units this year will cover techniques in ballet, jazz, and lyrical movement.  In addition, dance majors will be learning about other professional dancers and dancing as a career.  Students will also be exposed to multicultural dance from cultures around the world.  Dance majors will especially be focusing on building strength and technique through stretching, isolations and dance choreography.

Dance majors will have the opportunity to perform in theatrical productions including the Arts Exhibition at Cicely Tyson School.  Students will learn proper rehearsal ettiquette as well as stage blocking.

Students will be graded on attendance, participation, effort, teamwork, technique, and dance projects.  Each day, students can earn up to 10 points; poor behavior, lack of effort, tardiness, or not following the dress code will reduce the 10 points.  At the end of the marking period, points are averaged by the number of school days in that marking period and assessed as follows:

9-10 points = A
7-8 points = B
5-6 points = C
4 points = D
Below 4 points = F

** Excused absences will not be included in the averaging of grades.
*** In addition to daily dance points, dance students will begin formal written assessments this year including a final dance exam.

Girls: black leotard, flesh/tan color tights, beige/tan ballet shoes. Hair must be pulled back and tied securely. No jewelry! Dance shorts can be worn over tights. Absolutely no shirts, vests, jackets or hoodies are to be worn over leotard.
Boys: Black shorts or black jazz pants with a white t-shirt or white tank, black ballet shoes. 
Absolutely no shirts, vests, jackets or hoodies are to be worn over white dance shirt.

A final note...

This is my sixth year conducting the dance program and I always strive to make improvements. My main goal this year will be to increase students' dedication and work ethic in the dance program as well as their school work. I am especially looking forward to improving our students' technique through formal ballet programs and ensemble work. Please, let's all work together to create a creative and respectful environment. I look forward to bringing you my best as a dance teacher.